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29.06. - 01.07.2007

On behalf of the Organizing Commitee of the First Mataric World Meeting let us express our warmest welcome to you and your family members.

In this letter we would like to inform you about who we are, where we come from, what we have done so far and what our future objectives are.

We are also members of the Mataric family, a Croatian-Bunjevac family coming originally from Southern Dalmatia and Eastern-Bosnia, that settled down in the Sombor-Gradina area some 400-500 years ago. The territory where the first Mataric families arrived is called the Mataric Farms (Salasi Matarici), where some Mataric houses or the ruins thereof still can be seen.

During this summer Tamás Matarits, whose great grandfather left Sombor for Hungary at the beginning of the previous century initiated a family tree research and with the help of an experienced researcher from Bezdan managed to find his closest relatives in Sombor and acquired much more data on other Mataric families from the middle of 1700s till the beginning of the 1900s. To our best knowledge nearly all of the people who bear the Mataric surname come from these farms and are related to each other.

In October 2007 a very succesful Mataric Meeting was organized in Sombor, more information and photos of this event can be seen at the Events page. At that particular meeting the participants, especially Mato and Pavle Mataric expressed their wish and interest in trying to put the whole Mataric family tree together and to organize a world meeting for the Mataric family, where all of us could see and meet each other and could visit the geographic sites where our common ancestors used to live. We could also have an insight into the activities of late and present Mataric family members and could enjoy the picturesque countryside of Gradina and the splendid city of Sombor, one of the greenest towns in Europe.

We do believe that learning more about our common past helps us understand the present and future events better and last, but far not least there would be a possibility to spend some time with other nice Mataric people and their relatives.

We also plan to publish a book about the Mataric family and the farms. If you have texts, novels, poems, photos, songs or any other material for the purpose of the book, we would be glad if you could send it to us in order to edit them with other Mataric materials.

We plan to spend a weekend together from the 29th June to the 1nd July 2007,  from a Friday evening to Sunday early afternoon. As far as the schedule is concerned we are about to organize a welcome cocktail party, a concert and a dinner on the first day, visits to tombs of our ancestors in the cemetery and to the Matarici Farms, furthermore a late lunch – early dinner at Mato’s farm in Nenadic on the second day, a common Mataric mass in the Saint Trinity Catholic Church and a closing lunch on the third day.

For facilitating our organization efforts i. e. learning the prospective number of participants and evaluate potential costs for the budget we kindly request you to fill in the attached questionnaire and send it back via email, fax or normal courrier at your earliest convenience to the following persons:

From Serbia: Pavle Mataric (Serbia, 25000 Sombor, Stevana Mokranjca 76, Tel.: +381 25 428291, mobile +381 064 1501123, email:

From Croatia: Martin Mataric (Croatia, Popovec-Sesvete 10.360, Komesova 8, Croatia, Tel: +385-2009-086, mobile: +385-91-2209-086, email: ).

From Bosnia and Switzerland: Mato Mataric (Hungary, 7700 Mohacs, Budapesti u. 47., Tel: +36-69-300-320, mobile: +36-209-615-710, email: )

From Hungary and the United States: Tamás Matarits (Hungary, 1121 Budapest,
Zugligeti út 41, Tel: +36 1 275 2785, email: )

We truly hope that you will find our initiative interesting enough and we could welcome you and your family as a participant at the meting next summer.

Should you have any questions or comments on the above, all of us are at your full disposal at any time.

Mato Mataric 
Matarits Tamás
Pavle Mataric

Download Questionnaire (Word document, 23 kb)

Organizing Commitee

With left against right : Matarits Tamás, Mato Mataric, Pavle Mataric


Mataric Family Tree

Mataric Meeting - Sombor 2006


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