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Mataric Meeting - Sombor 2006

Mr Tamás Matarits is a lawyer from Budapest. His great- grandfather, Ferenc left Sombor, at the beginning of the 1900s. The connection with the Sombor relatives was interrupted at the beginning of the 1970s. Tamás decided to search for his relatives not long ago and his work was helped by SomborNet. At the beginning of October 2006, he visited Sombor with his sister, Réka and his parents, Zita and István.

Tamás with the T-shirt given as a present to the relatives.
Mataric family members from Sombor were given the most precious gift,
the data concerning their family tree dating back to the beginning of the 1700s.

Mataric family members,
a common photo of those people who visited the ruines of Mataric farms.

Mataric family members, the nearest relatives, after the family get-together lunch.

A visit at Marija Mataric’s house.

A visit at Marija (Mataric) Lukic’s house.

Young Mataric family members (1).

Young Mataric family members (2).

In the Small Catholic Cemetery.

In the Grand Catholic Cemetery.

There used to be Mataric farms in the East of Zarkovac.
The ruins of one farm were visited.
Mataric people from all around the world come from these farms

Zita and István.

On the ranch of Pavle Mataric
-The place of the family get-together dinner.

Réka found this pot in one of the ranches’ cellar.

Pavle and István on the ranch.

A visit at Mato and Maja’s house - Ranch in Nenadic.

Mataric Meeting - Sombor 2006